CES 2009: World's First Internet Car Radio

You have your favorite Internet radio stations, right? Listen to them whenever you're home, of course. Well, finally, you can listen on the road too - no other devices, no cords, nothing, except the new Blaupunkt radio.

Blaupunkt is teaming with miRoamer, an Internet radio content provider, so you get the Blaupunkt car stereo with miRoamer experience.

The radio connects to the Internet using Bluetooth, and users can then choose their favorite station or browse - miRoamer offers over 16,000 stations.

Users can go to miRoamer.com to . . .

customize their stations, or just use the Top100 for the most popular stations from around the world. IMGP2997

In fact, once you've set it up for your car, you might just keep listening through this portal at home too. Why mess with a good thing? --Leslie Shapiro