CES 2009: THX and Radiient cut the cable with wireless surround kit

Wireless tech has been a big part of this year's CES. Wireless HDMI. Wireless speakers. If you can name a product that uses wires, somebody is working on getting rid of those wires. THX was showing off its Roomcaster technology, a wireless speaker system developed with Radiient Technologies that can pipe up to 7.1-channel audio through the air.

The companies were mostly demonstrating the tech as a potential feature for speakers and other audio devices, highlighting their credit card-sized THX Roomcaster modules. Of course, this means we won't be seeing said devices equipped with Roomcaster show up for sale for several months at least. Fortunately, Radiient is releasing a kit for early adopters to get a taste of the new wireless system.

The Radiient Early Adapter Kit is a set of one transmitter and six receivers that lets users turn their existing home theater set-up wireless. The receiver attaches to the system's receiver (or any other audio source), and the transmitters attach to each speaker. It's a pretty simple kit with few bells or whistles beyond the THX Roomcaster technology, and Radiient notes that it's primarily pointed at early adopters. Still, it's a simple, direct way to cut the wires out of your home theater, and ships within the next few months.

The kit will retail for $1,999, and can be preordered for $999 down at Radiient's web site. Additional receivers will be available at $499 for a pair. — Will Greenwald