Centronics Joins Flexible HDMI Ranks

So, you bought that fancy-schmancy ulta-flat panel TV. Thing sits practically flush on the wall.  Well, it would if you didn't have a big, bulky HDMI cable. Panasonic hit the world with an HDMI to fit flush, and now Centronics is joining the fray.

The old computer gear company is launching the cables under the EHD brand name. The HD FLEX cables flex 90-degrees, let you put them in places without putting stress on the jacks.

The prices are . . .

$39.95 for the 6-foot length, $49.95 for the 12, and $69.95 for the 24-foot cable.

“With many flat panels installed on the wall or pushed into tight corners, it can be difficult to install a typical HDMI cable due to space constraints,” explained Tony Pelura, Centronics general manager. “Centronics’ new EHD-branded HD FLEX cables allow for flexibility in those situations without having to purchase an adapter.”
“For many, installation is an afterthought when it comes to buying a new flat panel television,” added Pelura. “Even if the consumer or integrator planned on where the wall mount should be installed when purchasing the flat panel, they sometimes don’t realize that the cable may be a tight fit, or not fit at all, behind the flat panel or behind the rack of electronics depending on the situation. Our new EHD-branded HD FLEX 90 degree pivoting head cable eliminates that aggravation by providing both an aesthetic and functional HDMI 1.3 certified and HDCP compliant solution.”

Or, for just a few bucks, get this adapter for about three bucks. —Leslie Shapiro