CEDIA: McIntosh's 3-Channel Power Amp

The MC303 is McIntosh's first-ever multi-channel amplifier with Autoformer coupled output stage technology. The MC303 is a 300-watt, three-channel power amplifier and Autoformer allows each channel to deliver maximum power into 2-, 4- or 8-ohm loads. Also onboard is Power Guard to deliver high fidelity at high power levels, and Sentry Monitor to provide short-circuit protection.

The unit sports a premium 1/2-inch thick glass face plate and mirror-polished stainless steel chassis and of course, the triple bank of power reading wattmeters provide the classic McIntosh look.


In person, I can state that this is a thing of beauty, and it is absolutely massive. It goes without saying that the sound quality should be first-rate. The MC303 will be available in September. Price to be announced. -Ken C. Pohlmann