CEDIA: Invisible Sound

Has this happened to you? You proudly demo your sound system to your friends, and they yawn? I mean, sound from speakers - how boring. Well, with speakers from Madison Fielding and StereoStone, you can impress those friends, and turn yawns into wows!

Check out the lovely flowers on the CEDIA show floor (pictured). They look lovely, but you're wondering - where's the music coming from? Actually, since it's a photo, you can't hear anything, but bear with me. Those aren't planters and flower pots! They are outdoor speakers!!! The Terra Cotta series (the round ones, complete with Italian planter pots and wrought iron stands) provide 360-degree soundfields, and the Lattice Wood Series (the square ones) can provide 90-, 180-, 270- or 360-degree soundfields. Either way, your friends will be impressed.

Wait! There's more....

Imgp2818 Check out this lovely fountain. But where's the sound coming from? That's right! It's a speaker!!!! The StereoStone Fountain Speaker is complete with a 250-watt audio system with 8-inch dual voice coil speaker and dual tweeters tucked inside the working fountain. It even has submersible low-voltage lighting. Also available: rocks and the always-popular tree-stump sub. Your friends will be simply amazed. -Ken C. Pohlmann