CE Recycling to Triple by 2016

Recycling of electronic products will triple by 2016 thanks to the eCycling Leadership Initiative. The aim is to recycle one billion pounds per year by 2016, three times the amount recycled in 2010. That's enough to fill 88.9 billion cubic feet, the equivalent of a 71,000-seat NFL stadium.

How will this be accomplished? By improving consumer awareness of the existing 5000 industry-sponsored collection sites, increasing collection opportunities, and providing transparent metrics.

The Consumer Electronics Association is spearheading the effort with the support of such major players as Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, and Best Buy. In addition to manufacturers and retailers, the effort will also involve collectors, recyclers, non-government organizations, and all levels of government including President Obama's Taskforce on Electronics Stewardship.

"This unique industry-led approach transcends the patchwork of current state recycling regulations with an aggressive set of industry goals and standards," said Walter Alcorn, CEA VP for environmental affairs and industry sustainability. "Through the eCycling Leadership Initiative, the consumer electronics industry is moving toward a national solution and away from the costly and confusing patchwork of state regulations."

And "we won't stop at a billion pounds," he added. "The eCycling Leadership initiative is an ongoing, permanent initiative that will follow the best practices and commitment of industry, including practices that prohibit the use of recyclers and downstream processors who dump end-of-life electronics in developing nations."

See CEA press release.