Canon's new EOS 5D Mark II in Action

Last week, we told you about Canon's new 21 Megapixel still camera that also shoots HD video.  Now you can check out a sample video shot with a pre-production sample of the camera. I gotta say, it's amazing.

The files used to create the sample video REVERIE were re-compressed for ¼ resolution display on the Canon website. To view creator Vincent Laforet's comments and behind-the-scenes video on the making of REVERIE, please visit his blog:

Where can you see a sample?

Camera_2Click over to Canon and check it out.  There's also a list of lenses used for the video. I think you'll agree - this looks pretty incredible, even scaled down for their website. I can only imagine how amazing it looks at full size. This camera is going on my wish list. -Leslie Shapiro