Canadians Blame Themselves for HD Ignorance

Oh, Canada. Your enthusiasm and honesty knows no bounds. You're ready to leap head-first into new technologies without bothering with minor details like how these technologies work.

In a study commissioned by Sharp Electronics, only 5% of Canadians defined themselves as "very knowledgeable" about high-def terms like 1080p and response times. Nearly 50% said they were "not at all knowledgeable" about HD basics." About 30% said they only get information about HDTV from television commercials. What refreshing forthrightness!

It isn't that we think Americans are more knowledgeable about HDTV tech specs than Canadians - in fact, plenty of studies have pointed out the failure of most Americans to define HD requirements when quizzed. Its just that we don't think Americans would voluntarily fess up to their lack of expertise on the latest and greatest technologies.

Yet none of Canadians' admittedly limited knowledge of high-def has stopped them from snapping up new sets. According to Canada's Consumer Electronics Marketers association, about 2.75 million HDTV's will be sold in Canada in 2008.

But Canadians, you shouldn't be so hard on yourselves. Turns out you do know a thing or two about HDTV. The study found that you know the difference between plasma and LCD: 53% of you prefer LCD. And your national social consciousness is demonstrated by the fact that 48% of Canadians polled said they would consider power consumption and eco-friendliness when buying an HDTV. -Rachel Rosmarin

CNW Group