Cablevision App Uses Own Network

Cablevision has followed Time Warner Cable's introduction of a live cable TV app with one of its own. But unlike the TWC app, which has some program producers crying foul over unauthorized internet distribution, Cablevision's app uses the company's own Advanced Digital Cable network.

Therefore, Cablevision says, it has the right to distribute programming to iPads "under existing distribution agreements." As a plus, iPad-loving Cablevision TV subscribers needn't get internet service just to use the app. It "allows the iPad to function as a television," says CEO Tom Rutledge.

The app is free. In contrast to the TWC app, which offers a few dozen channels, the Cablevision app offers about 300—plus access to more than 2000 VOD programs. "Video looked absolutely great," commented Digital Ninja (see link below).

Of course, as soon as the TWC app made its debut, the cable operator was forced to pull several channels, which were duly replaced by others. The TWC app has also attracted a lawsuit from Viacom. How Cablevision's app will fare after Hollywood has had its say remains to be seen.

For more details about the Cablevision app, see Digital Ninja for hands-on report and full press release. Thanks to the Ninjas for the pic.