B&W Applies 800 Series Knowhow to In-Walls

Bowers & Wilkins is applying knowledge gleaned from nearly 40 years of refining its iconic 800 series of floorstanding speakers to a new line of in-wall speakers.

The CI800 Series Diamond, slated for release this summer, comprises three models featuring the Diamond dome tweeters, Continuum midrange drivers, and Aerofoil woofers developed for B&W’s 800 Series Diamond speakers.

The tweeter diaphragm, described as exceptionally stiff and light, is decoupled from the body of the speaker to reduce unwanted vibrations from the other drive units for sound that is “more precise and accurate.”

The CWM8.3 D ($3,700 each) is a three-way in wall speaker that mates the Diamond dome tweeter with a 5-inch Continuum driver and two 7-inch Aerofoil woofers. The central baffle is rotatable, so the speaker can be situated vertically or horizontally. Described as ultra-light yet exceptionally stiff, the Aerofoil woofer is made of carbon-fiber skins that encapsulate a syntactic foam and features a computer-optimized geometry.

The CWM8.5 D ($1,900 each) is a compact two-way in wall speaker with a Diamond dome tweeter and 7-inch Continuum driver with an anti-resonance plug.

The CCM8.5 D ($2,400 each) uses the same drivers as the CWM8.5 D in a two-way in-ceiling configuration featuring a rotatable mini-baffle that allows the drivers to be “toed-in” for the best performance.

The CI800 Series Diamond back boxes are Matrix-braced for extra rigidity and feature tube-encased bi-wirable cables that connect to the speaker via a multipin connector. The boxes are sold separately at $800 for the CWM8.3 D and $600 for the CWM8.5 D and CCM8.5 D.

For more information, visit bowers-wilkins.com.