Buy Cables and Feed the Hungry

Once again, home theater fans can help themselves and others at the same time by participating in The Cable Company's eighth annual "Summer Against Hunger" campaign. The Cable Company and a wide cross-section of its vendors (listed below) have set up a program by which up to 10% of The Cable Company's August sales are donated to CARE and the International Rescue Committee, with contributions to be used to assist the worldwide disaster relief efforts of those humanitarian organizations.

The Cable Company's Robert Stein explains: "We dedicate our August each year to doing something for all those souls we will never meet, who will likely never hear a good stereo, and never worry about DVD-A vs SACD. Our total program contributions over the last seven years, including matching funds, are now approaching $250,000."

During August, The Cable Company will donate 5% of its total sales, and participating manufacturers will match this with their own 5% donations for each Cable Company sale of their products during the month. The company describes the effort as a cooperative program that works because of the assistance of many individuals and companies. Stein also leverages the overall contributions through other matching funds programs to increase the total amount donated. Last year with the assistance of CARE, Stein reports, the governments of Lichtenstein and Ireland matched The Cable Company's contributions on a 10:1 basis.

Stein notes that CARE reached over 25 million people in 63 countries last year. "Ninety-one percent of their total funds raised are at work on the ground, providing nourishment, training, health, sanitation, and other support in developing countries around the world," says Stein. "In terms of charitable efficiency, the IRC was ranked second among US charitable organizations with 92 of every dollar spent by IRC going directly to provide lifesaving emergency assistance to hundreds of thousands of refugees in 30 countries."

Stein adds, "This annual fundraiser is one of those rare occasions where a good cross-section of the companies involved in our part of the electronics industry participate together to support a worthy cause. Our industry is made up of companies and consumers who care about many things, only one of which is their audio/video equipment. "Summer Against Hunger" gives us an opportunity to offer something important to that half of the world which can never participate in our industry because they are too busy figuring out how to survive."

To find out more about the "Summer Against Hunger" campaign, go to The Cable Company's website or call them toll-free at 800-FATWYRE (328-9973)

Participating Vendors

Acoustic Zen Technologies
Analysis Plus
Audio Desk Systeme
Aural Symphonics/Univocal
Bybee Technologies
Camelot Technology
Cardas Audio
Echo Busters
Eighth Nerve
Essential Sound Products
Grado Laboratories
Harmonic Resolution Systems
Harmonic Technology
Herbie's Audio Lab
HAVE Sound & Video
JPS Labs
Kimber Kable
The Last Factory
Magnan Cable
May Audio
Nirvana Audio
Nitty Gritty
Nordost Corporation
Precision Audio
PS Audio
Purist Audio Design
Red Rose
Shakti Innovations
Shunyata Research
Silent Running Audio
Siltech America
Sound Anchors
Sound Connection Intl.
Straight Wire
Synergistic Research
Van Den Hul