Bryston Amps: Upgrades without Price Hike

Don't you wish more companies were like this? Canadian amplifier giant Bryston is introducing their latest line of amplifiers, upgrading their SST product line.

The SST "Squared" amplifiers won't win many style points, but it's the beauty on the inside of these amps that makes them appealing. The new product lineup, announced on Electronic House, ranges from the 100W/channel 2B SST up to the 1,000W mono 28B SST amplifier. Prices range from $2,650 up to $8,000 for the mono powerhouse.

Keep reading to see what was upgraded:

2bsst Power supply circuit board, output chokes, soft-start circuitry, push-style power switch, simplified circuit topology, and power supply transformer design are just some of the improvements.

Nice list of upgrades, without a price penalty. Plus, a 20-year warranty. Wow. Why can't more companies do that? —Leslie Shapiro