Boston Acoustics shows off stealthy ceiling speakers

HSi_S6W2_round_on_whiteLook straight up. Do you see any speakers? No? Then this means one of two things: either you don't have any in-ceiling speakers, or you have some remarkably hidden ones. If your situation is the former and you want the latter, Boston Acoustics might be able to help. The company just announced a new set of in-ceiling speakers, designed for stealth.

The HSi 430 and 435 are Boston Acoustic's newest in-ceiling speaker, joined by the new HSi S6W2 in-ceiling subwoofer. These models feature slim bezels, and are designed to resemble ceiling lighting fixtures. Of course, they don't light up and the magnetic grills make them look more like speakers than anything else, but their small, unobtrusive profile help them blend into ceilings like metal chameleons.

Bezel shape is the only difference between the HSi 430 and the HSi 435. While the 430 has a round bezel and the 435 has a square bezel, both speakers feature effectively identical 2-way designs with 3 1/2" woofers and 3/4" tweeters. The HSi S6W2 (pictured above) uses two 6-inch drivers, and its flexible port tube makes installation and concealment a bit easier.

The HSi 430 and 435 ship this month, while the HSi S6W2 ships in June.

Will Greenwald