Boston Acoustics + iPhone = Duo-i Plus

Duoi-plus-black_zoomBoston Acoustics is adding iPhone support to its Duo-i iPod dock. The new Duo-i Plus is "Works with iPhone" certified, so it can play music on iPhones as well as iPods. Granted, the auxiliary audio inputs on the original Duo-i could play music on iPhones, but having your phone tucked neatly into its dock is far nicer than having it dangling from a cable.

Besides the iPhone compatibility, the Duo-i Plus's upgrades are completely aesthetic. It's available in glossy black or white, a bit shinier than the Duo-i. Besides those two changes, it's basically the same iPod dock as its predecessor. It pumps out music through its dual 3.5-inch drivers, and incorporates dual auxiliary inputs, dual sleep/wake alarms, and an AM/FM radio tuner.

If iPhone compatibility and a glossy finish are worth an extra $50 to you, the Duo-i Plus will retail for $249 when it ships in October.

Will Greenwald