Boston Acoustics' Flagship Vista

While some companies are concentrating on making small little itty-bitty plastic speakers, Boston Acoustics just announced a new line of furniture-grade speakers that look gorgeous, with technology to make them sound as good as they look.

Vista is the new flagship series from Boston Acoustics, replacing the E series, which is no longer in production.

What's the view on Vista?

Vista is a step-up system starting at $399 for the bookshelf model.  The line tops out at $1,699 for the top-of-the-line floorstanding VS 336 towers.  A senior exec at Boston claims that Vista is their best-performing and best-looking products that offer value, a key part of the Boston brand name. Vista is for a sophisticated audience that expects excellent sound quality and appropriate aesthetics.

All of the Vista speakers use molded MDF cabinets, with all four sides curved backwards for a wave-like design, finished with either high-gloss cherry or black layered-wood veneer end caps and piano-black main panels. In October, bird's-eye maple and ebony endcaps will be available. For an additional fee, limited-edition arctic white and gloss red finishes are available for a custom look. The powered subwoofer in the Vista line is equally attractive with the same wavy look. This is one of the most attractive subs out there, if looks are at all important to you.

Vistavps210web Don't think the wavy design is just for visual appeal. The shape reduces internal standing waves and cabinet resonances. The Vista line uses a new dome tweeter with a response up to 30kHz.

There is a three-way floorstanding model for $1,699, a two-way bookshelf for $399, and a three-way center channel for $800. Later this month, the $1,699 500-watt 10-inch subwoofer will be out. A LCR and another bookshelf speaker will be out in the fall.

Speakers shouldn't have to be small to look good in a room. The Boston Acoustics Vista series will enhance any room if they sound as good as they look. -Leslie Shapiro

Boston Acoustics