Bose New SoundDock Plays Nice with iPhone

Ever since it was released, the original Bose SoundDock seemed to be the 'go-to' iPod dock for anyone looking for decent sound. Kinda like how their Wave radio became the reference system for all clock radios, most docks were compared to - and fell short of - the SoundDock. Even the portable version was popular. However, there were some issues.

Bose just annouced the new iPhone-compatible SoundDock Series II. Yup - the Series II is compatible with iPhone G3, playing and charging. The Series II also borrows features that were popular on the portable, giving you the best of both worlds.

They included remote control that lets you easily browse playlists. Plus, oddly enough, you can control volume. How handy is that? (Insert :rolleyes: emoticon here.)

The shape is more elegant now too, looking more like the portable SoundDock than the original. The new Series II finally adds an aux input jack, so you can listen to other sources too. Why should iPod owners have all the fun? You could even add a portable CD player, if you still have one that works.

Price for the Bose SoundDock Series II is $299 and it should be available beginning this September. -Leslie Shapiro