Bose debuts $599 SoundDock 10 iPod sound system

The original SoundDock was a big seller for Bose and they're hoping that will carry over for their newest iPod sound system. It clocks in at a relatively hefty $599, but Bose is swearing up and down that it sounds great. It has two "twiddlers," which they claim produce a mixture of high and mid sounds. The low-end is provided by a rear-facing woofer. All of that speaker means that the new unit is bigger than its predecessor, checking in at almost 20-pounds. Inside, you'll also find the "waveguide" tech meant to channel the sound outward and cut down on size. One of the cooler features is that you can swap out the iPod dock for a Bluetooth receiver for an extra $150. Of course, that means sacrificing even more audio quality, but it sure is nifty. It heads to retail on September 21, at which point you can get your ears on it. Until then, you can feel free to argue in the comments. We know you will.