The Booming Outdoors

Bay Audio's HomeBase Sub makes sure that sound by the poolside is just as robust and detailed as your in-home sound system. The underground HomeBase sub is rated down to 24Hz, providing concert-level bass with an output up to 90db at 100 feet away.

The cabinet is constructed from underground-rated PVC pipe. Bass flows through a 6” port which protrudes 8” above the ground. The sub is sealed against moisture and can be buried in a garden bed and forgotten. Just dig a 25” X 13” hole 14” deep, and place the entire HomeBase within.

Dual high-power 10” drivers in an isobaric configuration provide plenty of bass without strain. In fact, the sub covers an 11,000 square foot area, so it can be installed virtually anywhere in the yard and still deliver deep, rich bass.

Bay Audio recommends using their rack 500 watt PowerPack for amplification. however, just the HomeBase sub alone is $3000. No one said quality bass was inexpensive.