Blu-ray Sales Up? Or Down?

There are so many ways to interpret statistics. Lately, there have been a rash of stories, reports, and blogs on the rise or fall of Blu-ray. One of the more fascinating reports was over on Engadget. They report on how - depending on what week you look at - sales of Blu-ray are dismal compared to DVD, or they're phenomenal.

Obviously, it doesn't take a statistician to realize that some titles are going to be bolster Blu-ray disc sales, while others will pump and others more popular on DVD. The week that a teeny-bopper flick comes out, wanna bet the scales tip toward DVD? A huge blockbuster debut? Blu-ray's gonna be the winner.

More interesting . . .

According to Home Media Research, the percentage of total video sales from Blu-ray have more than doubled since HD DVD died. That gives Blu-ray about 12% of the market, with DVD taking the lion's share at 88%.

Slowly but surely, Blu-ray will get more popular. Many folks keep saying that until Blu-ray players come down significantly in price, it won't gain in sales. My thoughts? As early DVD players start to die, people will replace them with Blu-ray. Big difference between upgrading and replacing. At least that's my plan. -Leslie Shapiro