Blu-ray Review: No Strings Attached Page 2


The 2.40:1 picture on Blu-ray is demo-quality. Images are sharp as a tack, with everything looking absolutely right and true to life. See, for example, the bright red-and-white cheerleader costumes played against a yellow high-school hallway with orange lockers. Elsewhere, hospital corridors are appropriately antiseptic and steely blue, whereas a miniature golf course has fairways of a lighter, warmer blue.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 sound is on the money, too — full-bodied yet providing excellent focus for the talky script to come through clearly. There isn’t a great deal of action in the surrounds, but some of the music will make your subwoofer throb.

Extras are pretty tame and predictable. There’s a commentary by director Ivan Reitman, but it’s very subdued, with long stretches of silence. “Sex Friends: Getting Together” is the obligatory production featurette. “Inside the Sassy Halls of Secret High” is better, a fairly entertaining piece on the making of the show within the movie. But “Modern Love: The Do’s and Don’ts” contains worthless comments on the relationship ideas in the movie. The deleted scenes were justly killed.