Blu-ray Double Dipping on Legend

If you happened to pick up  I Am Legend the first time it was released on Blu-ray, you might want dump it on eBay while you're waiting for this. Really, or just toss it. Warner Bros. announced the Ultimate Collector's Edition of I Am Legend will be released on December 9th, just months after the initial release.

What's on this new edition that's going to make you throw out the old Blu-ray you just bought?

The new THREE-disc Blu-ray set will have picture-in-picture Focus Points, provided you have a Bonus View player. This lets you watch "making of" features during the actual movie. The box set has a 44-page sketch book, art cards, and more, including an alternate ending. Click on the link below for an expanded list of bonus features.

I like Will Smith as much as the next blogger, but if this new edition doesn't have a completely un-released version of the flick, I'm not sure folks are going to storm their stores for this new $59.99 release. Was the movie really that good? -Leslie Shapiro with Special Feature list