Blu-ray Bargains: How Low Will They Go?

Feeling lucky? How lucky? Do you wait until Black Friday to pick up a Blu-ray player for a great price, or trust that the price at the floundering Circuit City will be your best bet? For a limited time (guessing at that — they're listed in the "Outlet" section of the store) the Sony BDP-S300 is available for a mere $176.96. Or, do you wait?

Circuit City isn't the only retailer with pre-Black Friday bargains . . .

If one's nearby, you should also check out hhgregg. They have the Sharp Aquos BDH-P21U Blu-ray player for even less.

So, the question is: How low does Blu-ray have to go before you bite the Blu bullet? —Leslie Shapiro 

Circuit City