Blood in the water

Grooveshark may still be smarting at its ejection from the App Store last August (well, you can still access the service via your iPhone...if you're willing to put up with a little risk), but the sharing-and-streaming service is officially back in the mobile game (continued support of Palm, Blackberry, and Nokia noted, but notwithstanding) as of today with the introduction of an Android app. Google's taking a cautious approach to this one, and the app isn't currently available in the official Android market.

Google, of course, is busy right now with negotiations over licensing with the major labels in advance of the company's still-in-the-works cloud music service. Apparently those discussions haven't been helped any by Amazon's brazen rollout of Cloud Player without any licenses in place. The world eagerly awaits the outcome. Google isn't happy with the music industry at this point, but of course if things don't go their way they might just have the resources to exercise the nuclear option.

- Michael Berk


(photo: Lawrence Murray)