Blockbuster: No Movie Night Tonight?

Earlier this week, we reported that Netflix was having problems shipping out movies. Looks like Blockbuster is also having problems. Our friends over at Gizmodo heard that for the past four days, Blockbuster customers were also experiencing delays in receiving their movies.

Looking for more details, we called Blockbuster Customer Service. Here's what they had to say.

Mailer Movies that were supposed to be shipped on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are now, finally, shipping. Although they're still looking into it, they have no idea what exactly caused the slowdown. They think it's being resolved, but without knowing what caused the problem, they're not sure.

Might be time to dust off something from your own personal collection for the weekend, or just tune into the Olympics - sounds like both Netflix and Blockbuster are a bit flaky these days. -Leslie Shapiro

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