Blockbuster Busting into VOD

Not happy with just MovieLink, Blockbuster is also partnering with Sonic Solutions' CinemaNow for Internet delivery of movies.  This new partnership will let Blockbuster package deals with hardware providers.   They're keeping MovieLink, but this new deal will let Blockbuster work with the likes of LG, Samsung and more to provide video-on-demand service directly to viewing hardware.

Blockbuster also intends to sell equipment that will play their VOD content at their stores, giving them a jump on competitor Netflix.

Currently, Blockbuster has about 90,000 DVD titles available by mail, and only 10,000 available for VOD delivery.  Netflix claims to have about 12,000.  It's not clear how many, if any, of those 10,000 titles are available in HD.  --Leslie Shapiro

USA Today