Big Screen to the Extreme

Think you've got the biggest TV on the block? In the neighborhood? Not so fast there, buddy. Big Moving Pictures (BMP) is announcing a plan to produce the world's first mobile LED screen that's going to dwarf anything currently out there. Working with Strongbase USA, these MEGASCREENS are going to be amazing. At just  under 40 feet wide by 22 feet high (more than 40 percent larger than current screens) MEGASCREENS will be the first LED displays to ever provide full HDTV resolution in daytime outdoor environments.  And just think, Sony was super-proud of their 11-inch OLED display. 

These behemoths are designed to pull up at your favorite daytime event venue - airshows, festivals, concerts - anywhere there's a huge audience. BMP provides everything to create this network: cameras, switchers, graphics, etc. While designed to showcase the event, they're really just roaming billboards, intended to reach the audience in a whole new way. Two-hundred times brighter than anything currently available, the MEGASCREENS are going to be designed to withstand a variety of environments. It can be set on a barge, near the ocean, on an runway. Wherever an audience can go, advertisements can find them. Notice that they're going to be designed this way. The technology to create this isn't really available yet, and there is no delivery date.  Personally, I'm saving up for one for Super Bowl  XLVIII-Leslie Shapiro