Best Seat in Your House

It takes more than a knowledge of amplifiers and speaker configurations to make the most of a home theater. We just brought you the THX-Certified doors and drywall to make the most during the construction process, but what about during the design process? No theater is worth a second glance without awesome seating. Plus, if it's not comfortable, who's going to want to hang out for a Pirates of the Caribbean three-play?

The experts over at Clearly AV have put together the definitive collection of high-end home theater seating. Seats that guarantee you the best seat in the house.

Keep reading for a peek at some of their favorites.

Legrandeyw1 Clearly AV certainly had a cushy job checking these out. There's Le Grande Recliner, which looks like a seat you might never want to leave.

Or, check out the Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage Chair. Massage. Say no more.Sanyoqa6

And then there's the Transport Perceptual Pod. This temperature-controlled waterbed with 4-inch speakers and a 240-watt subwoofer would make for a cozy night at home. Bedroom and home theater in one 6-foot pod.

Podda7 At the moment, none of these chairs are THX-certified, but you never know... -Leslie Shapiro

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