The Best Laid Blu-Ray Plans

Consumers have the best intentions when it comes to planning high-tech purchases. A Japanese survey of about 15,000 people indicates that consumers in that country really want to buy a Blu-ray Disc  recorder, they just don't know when they're going to get around to it.

The survey, conducted by MyVoice Communications, found that 81.4% of all respondents said they want to buy such a player, but only 2% of those people said they were willing to part with their cash within three months.

Another 2.5% saw the transaction going down in six months, and 7.1% expected to buy a Blu-ray Disc recorder one year from now. About 70% of respondents said they had no clue when the were actually going to buy the desired device.

Blu-ray recorder/players are more expensive than their standalone Blu-ray player brethren, so it makes sense that Japanese consumers are proceeding cautiously, but even though they're by and large not ready to buy yet, they still have opinions about who they'd want to purchase from. About 20% see themselves choosing a Panasonic, while roughly the same number want a Sony device. About 33% of respondents identified price as the most important purchase factor, meaning most of Japan's consumers are waiting for Blu-ray recorder prices to fall before they go shopping -Rachel Rosmarin