BenQ HT1070 DLP Projector Review Specs

Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 13.6 x 4 x 8.5
Weight (Pounds): 6
3D Glasses: Active, $59 each
Video Inputs: HDMI (2; 1 with MHL), VGA D-sub 15-pin (1), composite video (1)
Audio: Stereo input analog (1), minijack input (1), minijack output (1)
Other: USB (1), Mini-USB (1, service only), RS-232 (1)
Price: $699

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Billy's picture

Damn, to get a 1080P projector for under $700 list! In 2000 I paid 6K for a 720P Sony W10HT, I thought THAT was a bargain! Glad I didn't wait 17 years for the better deal, would have missed out on a lot of great fun. In 2010 upgraded to a Sony 1080P, that was only 3.5K, another great buy, or so I thought. Our kids are just getting out of college and lament no theater sized experience like they grew up with (a 10 foot screen is addictive) Might steer them this way. Of course, when a 4K 65 inch flat screen is only a grand, might be a hard sell. Technology marches on, a'int it grand?!!!! 4K projection calls out my name every night after the lights are out. That siren song is hard to resist, of course it might steer my marriage onto the rocks, too. Think I might hold out for a roll up 10 foot OLED to replace my screen. Don't laugh, the way things are going, by 2020 when I plan to upgrade again, might be fiscally practical.

nikitaray2's picture

You have given 5 stars for value, which may not be appropriate in my view.

A projector that has high noise level, 3d performance is also not very good so how can it be the best value for the money?

However, I see HT1070 is a highly popular projector among other BenQ projectors I think.

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