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URC MXW-920 Remote Control

When entertaining outside, you don’t want to juggle multiple remote controls or constantly have to run back into the house to check on things. Sure, you could use a regular universal remote, but sooner or later it’s gonna get dropped into the pool or have a pitcher of mojitos spilled on it. Just like with other outdoor A/V components, your best bet will be a solution that fits the old “right tool for the job” mantra.

One perfect outdoor control solution is URC’s MXW-920. This isn’t some basic source-select and volume up/down-only model, but a full-featured, totally capable remote that can control up to 40 devices with 40 customizable programming pages per device. It takes 4 AAA batteries and runs an estimated 6-to-8 months between battery changes. The remote also operates on URC’s 418-MHz narrowband radio frequency spectrum, so it’s compatible with the company’s line of RF base stations and lighting controls. In practical terms, this meant that I could be outside in my lawn chair controlling my cable box and Kaleidescape while they remained safely indoors in my A/V rack. Nice.

The MXW-920 is essentially a redesigned version of URC’s older MX-900 model, but with a sealed battery compartment and a slick, Mylar-feel button area. Programming the URC MXW-920 isn’t a job for consumers but rather for installers trained in the company’s Complete Control Program (CCP), a platform that allows for tons of options.

While URC calls its remote “weather resistant” and resistant to “splashing water from any direction,” it doesn’t recommend “full submersion.” However, I did put the MXW-920 to the test by plunging it into my pool. The result? It weathered the ordeal like a champ.