Audyssey MultEQ-X Room EQ Software Review Test Bench

Test Bench

The following curves were taken at a single listener position using the Parts Express Omnimic program and its own calibrated microphone. Audyssey MultEQ-X offered similar readings, but I wanted to use separate test gear to verify the results. All curves are 1/6th octave smoothed.—TJN


Fig.1 Left channel only. Red: No room EQ. Blue: With Audyssey MultEQ-X. Both with two SVS SB-3000 subwoofers.


Fig.2 Red: Left channel. Blue: Right channel. Both with Audyssey MultEQ-X and two SVS SB-3000 subwoofers.


Fig.3 Left channel only. Red: With two SVS SB-3000 subwoofers. Blue: With two SVS PB-3000 subwoofers.
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Pleased with the sound after messing with this software for an hour and a half but it somehow managed to disable the receiver's on screen display.

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If your PC is connected to your receiver - you will lose the display. I used a laptop instead of my PC that's attached to my prepro.

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How does this compare to the likes of Dirac Live and ARC? There are many people that recommend Anthem (ARC) and the many Dirac based processors instead of Audyssey. Does this app at least close the gap between the three? (I've also heard that there have been improvements made to Yamaha's YPAO room correction as well).

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I've performed direct comparisons to Dirac Live (I have the $499 multichannel version on my pc)...and I say pick your poison - users choice. However because of the ability to import measurements from REW...that's a real game changer. Right now I prefer MultEQ-X over my Dirac Live.
When you compare ease of use and user experience - Dirac gets the nod, but if you want to dive deep (I'm talking about taking measurements in REW for each speaker...with the exception of the Atmos layer, and then going in deep with REW) a time consuming but very satisfying process...MultEQ-X punches that ticket. Post-EQ measured results can be measured with REW, and they tend to be spot on. There's rumor of other refinements coming to the program as well.