Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume TV

You've already read about Audyssey Dynamic Volume in our pages and webpages. Audyssey has just announced a new version called Dynamic Volume TV.

Audyssey Dynamic Volume TV is designed to reduce the dynamic extremes of TV programming in somewhat the same way regular Dynamic Volume handles the extremes of movies, but without the obvious pumping effects of cruder automatic gain controls. It also evens out levels among different inputs.

How does it work? Audyssey explains: "Audyssey Dynamic Volume TV is based on human reaction modeling and uses a look-ahead technology to detect the rate volume changes happen and adjust accordingly. The technology focuses on dialogue and balances output for the ideal dialog and background volume. The result is a much better television viewing experience, without the need to adjust the volume constantly." So you can "put the remote down."

Another bane of the TV viewer is the often huge gap between commercials broadcast at a high uniform volume and programming which is lower on average and has a greater range. Audyssey Dynamic Volume doesn't target that problem specifically because it's already covered by the recently passed CALM Act, which will mandate the use of technologies already embedded in the ATSC broadcast standard to tame loud ads. Other volume-leveling include Dolby Volume, THX Loudness Plus, and SRS TruVolume.

TV models using Audyssey Dynamic Volume TV are expected in first quarter 2012.

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