Audiovox HDP100: HDMI Through Powerlines

You know the drill. You go to install some new equipment, but you're faced with a dilemma. Do you run cables across the floor, put the TV screen in a non-ideal position, or even giving up the idea of having HDTV in a room that doesn't have a satellite receiver. Audiovox has a potential solution.

There are wireless HD transmission systems, there are other whole-home systems, but the Audiovox HDP100, marketed under their Acoustic Research brand, is a very affordable and robust system. It can carry HDMI signals, audio, and 1080p video. It's being marketed to the general public, but custom installers are also excited about this product.

What's in the box?

The HDP100 comes with a receiver, transmitter, HDMI cables, and mounting kits.

Is it flawless?  No. It's not as reliable in older homes with older copper wiring, and it also doesn't work well with HomePlug or other PLC products. It's also not recommended to plug this system into surge protectors, power conditioners, or even Ground Fault Interrupter circuits.

However, even with all those conditions, this could be just what is needed to let you put your equipment where you want it, instead of where the cables dictate. —Leslie Shapiro