AudioQuest ‘Optical HDMI’ Cable Good for 100 Feet

AudioQuest has announced a hybrid optical/HDMI cable that uses an electro-optical conversion module and four glass-fiber optical conductors to carry 18Gbps of data — including HDR-enabled 4K video — up to 100 feet.

Described as an active optical cable (AOC), the new Cherry Cola cable incorporates a “sophisticated noise-dissipation system” that uses carefully applied layers of carbon to absorb radio-frequency (RF) noise and directionality-controlled silver-plated conductors to drain it away.

The cable is slated to ship in August. Prices start at $620 for a 16.5-foot cable and scale up to $1,020 for a 100-foot length.

AudioQuest said the cable is based on a new generation of active circuitry that is “significantly more reliable” than previous AOC modules but still recommends testing it with the specific components before installation.

“While Cherry Cola is even less sensitive to compatibility issues than active equalization copper cables, all hardware combinations are vulnerable to compatibility issues,” the company said in a press release.

Cherry Cola is powered via attached components and has a plenum-rated jacket.

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drny's picture

Audio Quest is following Tributaries lead in active optical HDMI cables for long distances.
I am sure Audio Quest will work fine, but its over kill.
FIBBR Ultra pro will also do the trick at one third or less the price of Audi Quest or Tributaries.
*After all by 2019 HDMI 2.1 will be de desired spec for HDMI cables.

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"Outrageous price, someone else does the same for 1/3 or less" describes every single product Audioquest has ever made.

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Thanks for info!