Atlantic Technology Promotes Domestic Harmony with System 10 In-wall Speakers

Audiophiles have long joked that the "spousal acceptance factor" for equipment is at its most insurmountable when it comes to loudspeakers--and they were only talking about a pair. Home theater buffs face an even bigger challenge: getting their mates to accept FIVE speakers and a subwoofer.

Atlantic Technology of Norwood, Massachusetts, may have the key to domestic bliss in its new flush-mount in-wall dipole surround speaker, the IWTS (In-Wall Theater Systems) System 10 SR. With two 4.5-inch midrange-woofers and two 0.75-inch Mylar tweeters, the System 10 SR is said by company president Peter Tribeman to be "the first reasonably-priced in-wall speaker that will not embarrass the serious audiophile." The speakers list for $799 per pair.

"The IWTS 10 SR is a Frequency Enhanced Dipole that creates a very smooth and realistic sense of ambience with a diffuse, non-directional soundfield at mid and high frequencies," says Tribeman. "At low frequencies, below 200 hertz, one woofer is gradually muted to avoid bass cancellation. This speaker is a perfect companion to many Atlantic Technology home theater systems, or even those of other manufacturers."

The IWTS 10 SR comes complete with an installation kit, including mounting brackets and paint shields. The speaker is designed to fit in standard sheetrock walls, and the frame and grille can be painted to match. Despite the visual disappearing act, the speaker's curved grille provides maximum acoustic dispersion for ambience and spatial effects built into movie soundtracks.