Art.Suono Wireless iPod Dock

Nothing like an iPod dock that costs about 5 times as much as an iPod. The DWV Art.Suono Wireless Music Transmission System is a high-end iPod dock that will wirelessly transmit the audio from your iPod, or any other device you plug in, to any other sound system, with a complementary receiver.

The aluminum and carbon fiber (did I mention how much I love anything with carbon fiber?) body houses a host of features. According to their press release, "Additional features include docking and charging for any model iPod, an "Engine Start" button, a "Shift" input signal switch, a concealed input signal jack, LED indicators, and a convenient volume control." No wonder this bad boy weighs in at five pounds.

How much would you pay for a system that does all this, and also has APHEX circuitry that enhances the playback of digitally data-compressed files, supposedly restoring lost harmonics and enhancing bass response?

The Art.Suono is set to retail for $1,500.00. You can get another receiver - the transmitter can send signals to up to two receivers.

From their press release: The Art.Suono also incorporates an astounding acoustic technology developed for the recording industry and used by top recording artists and engineers like Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, and Paul McCartney in mastering their albums. Art.Suono's proprietary DWC-APHEX circuitry, developed by APHEX Systems for DWV, and used for the first time in a consumer product, makes recorded music more "alive."

I don't know about you, but I think their choice of musicians to talk about music being "alive" doesn't seem very lively.  -Leslie Shapiro

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