Apple AirPlay May Stream Video

Apple's AirPlay wireless audio streaming technology is finding its way into an increasing number and variety of products. What next? Possibly video streaming.

An unconfirmed report in the business press says Apple is in talks to license AirPlay to consumer electronics manufacturers for video streaming. AirPlay is already capable of video streaming but so far has been licensed only for audio streaming.

The move would make sense for Apple. It hasn't gotten very far with Apple TV, its own video streaming product. Building on the runaway success of AirPlay would give Apple a new way to get into video streaming, possibly building new bridges between iPads and other Apple products to TVs and other CE products—making the AirPlay button, shown here, almost ubiquitous.

Expanding Apple's video streaming reach might also bring some new sales to Apple's iTunes store.

See Bloomberg News. Tip of the hat to Engadget.