Anthem Launches Advanced Multi-Zone Audio Distribution Systems

Anthem Electronics, sister company of Canadian speaker powerhouse Paradigm, is targeting audiophiles with two hi-res-capable audio distribution systems.

The Web-based MDX Series systems are hailed as the “world’s most advanced” and feature digital signal processing (DSP) running at 32 bits/48 kHz, matrix switching that enables any analog or digital input to be assigned to any output — either pre-configured via a web interface or switched in real-time via IP/RS-232 — 24-bit/192-kHz digital-to-analog conversion, and “Ultra-Class-D” amplification for high power output that’s “efficient and reliable.”

The 16-channel MDX-16 ($2,999) and 8-channel MDX-8 ($1,999) are rack-mountable and rated to deliver 60 watts per channel into 8 ohms with all channels driven and incorporate Advanced Load Monitoring technology for “fast, reliable performance even under the most demanding loads”; channels pairs can be bridged to produce 200 watts into 8 ohms.

On the input side, the MDX-16 provides eight sets of stereo analog RCA inputs plus two digital-coaxial and two digital-optical connections, while the MDX-8 has four analog inputs and one digital-optical input.

On the output side, the MDX-16 is equipped with eight speaker-level Euroblock outputs, each with its own RCA subwoofer connection, two stereo analog passthrough connections, and one digital-optical connector, while the MDX-8 provides four speaker-level Euroblock outputs, each with its own RCA subwoofer connection.

Designed to simplify custom audio installations, the MDX systems are equipped with Anthem’s third-generation ARC Genesis room-correction processing for all zones plus separate, zone-specific bass management and subwoofer integration with the ability to set crossover frequency, level, phase, and polarity. Bass, treble, and level controls are also provided for each zone.

A multizone audio system can be fully configured and controlled via a web-based control interface and boasts customizable DSP settings, instantaneous digital switching for linking digital inputs between multiple units, analog passthrough for daisy-chaining multiple MDX-16 units, fast power on/off via IP/RS232, 12-volt trigger jacks, and audio sensing.

Additional features include speaker terminals that accept 12-gauge wire and the ability name for each zone and configure it with multiple inputs for independent playback.

The systems are compatible with home-automation systems from Control4, Crestron, Elan, RTI, Savant, and URC.

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Adcom GFB-800 from a couple of decades ago was similar.

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This Anthem product is now an archaic 20th century solution. I would suggest that Anthem should be offering a solution that utilizes 'Audio over Internet Protocol' (AoIP), eg Audinate Dante, to distribute audio over Ethernet. Maybe bring to market some higher-end solutions to compete with Amphenol's Amphi-Dante product line.