Allio TV Does it All

You remember those awful TV's with built-in VCR's, right? The sets with the DVDs were a step up from that. Now, Silicon Mountain (clever - their based in Silicon Valley and Boulder, CO) has produced a line of HDTVs with everything: a Windows Vista PC with a 1TB hard drive, wired and wireless networking, 1080p TV, and to top it all off, a Blu-ray player.

Keep reading for more details.

The Allio HD TV/PC will be available in six sizes, including their flagship Full-HD 42" LCD, which amazingly adds a digital PVR to the already overflowing feature list.

From their press release:

"Systems start at $1,599.99. Six configurations of The Allio HD TV / PC are available, with features and pricing to fit any budget. The entry-level 32" and 42" Allio with an Intel 2.5 GHz PDC E5200, 250GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, DVD/CD support and Vista Home Premium retails for $1,599 and $1,999. The middle system in the series adds PVR and Blu-Ray support and an upgraded 2.54 GHz Core2Duo E7200 processor for $2,199 and $2,399. The flagship Allio system ups the ante on the intermediate option, upgrading the RAM and storage to 4GB and 1TB, respectively, for $2,399 and $2,799.

For the budget-minded, Silicon Mountain plans to launch configurations based on the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system for an even lower-cost solution. Every Allio HD TV / PC model will be assembled in Northern California."

Now, watching Hulu and YouTube take on a whole new view. —Leslie Shapiro

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