Alienology Aims to Kickstart 3D-Printed Speakers

With 20 days to go, Los Angeles-based startup Alienology Audio has raised $1,322 of its modest $2,500 goal to help fund the launch of its T3TRA speakers on Kickstarter.

The company plans to offer two versions of the triangular speaker: the T3TRA Active, featuring a 20-watt amplifier and Bluetooth streaming capability, and the T3TRA Classic passive model. Both have a 3-inch full-range aluminum driver and come with 6 feet of speaker wire.

High-precision industrial laser 3D printers and a process called selective laser sintering are used to build a seamless one-piece frame that holds a precision-cut piece of multi-layer birch-plywood on each of the speaker’s three sides.

“Because the unibody frame is 3D printed, the material is absolutely uniform in density at all points making it perfect for loudspeaker applications,” according to the company. “Our final product will also have this same 3D printed frame. We are intentionally using 3D printing because we want the performance to be identical to that of which we achieved during the development of the speaker. This way we have absolute control over the sound.”

The company is offering several pledge options, ranging from $155 for one T3TRA Active speaker to $315 for a pair of T3TRA Active speakers. The speakers are available in orange, red, or green. Estimated delivery is June through August, depending on the order.

The funds will be used to “further improve and speed up our manufacturing process, procure a large order for materials,” and lower the retail cost of the speakers, according to the company.

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