Airpulse Debuts with Hi-Res Speaker System

British speaker designer and noted bass player Phil Jones, creator of the popular Acoustic Energy AE1 studio monitor and PJB (Phil Jones Bass) line of professional speakers and head amps, has introduced a pair of powered two-way speakers with a built-in 192-kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converter/preamp.

The Airpulse Model 1 speaker ($995/pair), which also marks the debut of the Airpulse home audio brand, combines a proprietary 3-inch horn-loaded ribbon tweeter with a custom 5.5-inch aluminum-cone woofer featuring an underhung voice coil and Neodymium magnets in a compact 14 x 9 x 12-inch enclosure.

The system features 2 x 90 watts of Class D power, DSP error correction, a remote control, and rear-mounted volume, bass, treble, and input controls. Connectivity options include Bluetooth/aptX wireless streaming, optical and coaxial digital inputs, and analog RCA or balanced XLR inputs. The speaker is rated down to 45 Hz (–3dB).

Finished in cherry woodgrain, the cabinet has 0.75-inch-thick walls and is braced and damped internally to eliminate resonances. Optional cherry woodgrain stands are available for $199 a pair.

All woofers, tweeters, electronics, and cabinets are manufactured in-house in an effort to hold costs down, according to Airpulse. The Model 1 is available factory-direct starting today with a 60-day home trial through St. Petersburg, Florida-based Essence For Hi Res Audio.

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