Add More HDTV and They Will Come

It's not just the U.S. market facing an analog cut-off. Or shall we say, "analogue" cut-off?  Europe's deadline is a bit later than us, and without a firm date - the switch to digital should be complete between 2010 and 2013. However, digital doesn't mean high-def, and the European market is facing a lackluster love-affair with HDTV.

A new study looks at the reasons for the lack of enthusiasm, plus offers suggestions on how to increase interest.

Picture_2 In Europe, HDTV is mostly a pay TV product, mainly via satellite. Only Sweden has HDTV on DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television), with only France and the UK looking to follow up in the near future.

Screen Digest, the company doing the research, listed these three factors in the adoption of HDTV: penetration of HD-ready displays, supply of HD content and HD channels, and the availability of HD broadcast on a variety of television platforms.

They also list these three reasons for why HD isn't catching on yet:

1. Lack of HD on free-to-air platforms 'Freesat HD' despite its name has a disappointing HD line-up and is not likely to make a strong market impact in the UK.
2. Lack of local HD channels in many countries: pay TV operators relying mostly on US HD channels supply so far.
3. Lack of ambition from a number of European pay TV operators.
-Leslie Shapiro

The entire report, along with key findings can be read here.