Acquisitions Announced

Last week, Video Display Corporation (VDC) and Christie Digital Systems jointly announced that the companies had reached an agreement in principle for VDC to acquire the Marquee line of CRT projectors from Christie (formerly Electrohome Projection Systems). The companies report that the agreement specifies that all manufacture, sales, service, inventory and other assets and operations of the CRT line of projectors will be transferred to VDC Display Systems of Cape Canaveral, FL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VDC.

According to VDC's Ron Ordway, "The addition of the Christie CRT projector business is a natural fit into VDC's Cape Canaveral operations and is expected to be done with no disruption of shipment or order flow from existing customers. VDC's orders for future deliveries will reach record levels, in excess of $25 million, with the addition of the Christie booked orders, [which are] projected to add approximately 13% to VDC's annual gross revenues." The companies say they expect the transaction to close October 31, 2001.

With the acquisition of the Marquee product line, VDC says, it hopes to further enhance its position in the simulation, virtual reality, home theater, and other specialized markets served by these products. VDC adds that it will continue to be a "value-added" reseller of Christie's line of DLP, LCD, and LCoS products.

Last week also saw Cirrus Logic announce that it has completed its acquisition of LuxSonor Semiconductors, which designs and manufactures DVD video processors and audio/video semiconductor products.

Cirrus Logic says that this acquisition strengthens the company's position to provide what it terms "Total Entertainment (Total-E) solutions" for current DVD systems as well as next-generation, Internet-ready DVD players and networked entertainment systems. Cirrus Logic says it is now the only company that provides all the optical, video, audio, and networking chips needed to build integrated DVD systems.

The company's David D. French adds, "Cirrus now has an even bigger opportunity in DVDs, the fastest-growing consumer electronics product in history. This acquisition reinforces our capabilities with existing audio customers in addition to providing new DVD customers and LuxSonor's existing relationships with firms such as Aiwa in Japan and Oriental Power and Malata in China. Advanced DVD systems using our CS98K DVD processor are in stores now for the 2001 holiday season, and global DVD manufacturers are developing next-generation products that combine our audio and video technology into one system."