Acoustibuds Hope To Improve Generic Earbuds

Lord knows that most MP3 players come bundled with pretty crappy-sounding and fitting earbuds. In fact, most cheap players would sound just fine if they were auditioned with better earbuds.

Acoustibuds, by Burton Ideas, are a rather unique product that attempt to improve the sound and comfort of most earbuds. They're silicon sleeves that slip over your earbuds with a narrow cone that slips into your ear canal. In-ear phones sound so much better that this could actually improve the sound - if nothing else, it will block out ambient sounds.

They use flexible fins that help the cone maintain contact and stay in the ear, even during exercise and movement. The one problem is that most earbuds are tuned to sound best in the typical placement, so this could really screw up the frequency characteristics.  --Leslie Shapiro