Academy Screeners in Blu

Those "For Your Consideration" movie screeners are turning Blu. You know, the movies sent to members of the Academy so they can view them before voting for the Oscar winners? You didn't really think they expected voting members to see every single movie in the theater, did you?

In the past, Academy members received DVDs of movies to consider for awards. Warner Bros. is doing something a bit different this season. They've sent letters to all members of the Academy giving them the option of a Blu-ray of the Batman sequel, The Dark Knight. They can also receive the usual watermarked DVD of the title.

What are other studios doing?

While other studios have considered sending out Blu-ray screeners, they've been hesitant. Perhaps they worry that their movies, which they want to be viewed, nominated and voted on, won't be viewed because members haven't made the switch to Blu-ray yet.

Another concern is that sometimes the screeners are sent out before the movies have been released for home video. Piracy is a huge concern. Time is another issue, as some movies are theatrically released just in time to make the awards deadlines, and getting them to Blu-ray could take more time.

Personally, I think they're pretty lucky. As a voting member of NARAS, we had to buy our copies of CDs considered for Grammy awards. They're getting the Blu-ray for free. At least my CD's were identical to the commercial release. How much you wanna bet that the Blu-ray screener of The Dark Knight has a super saying, "Property of Warner Bros." across the bottom of the screen? -Leslie Shapiro

The Hollywood Reporter

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.