7 More Unfortunate TV Broadcast Mix-ups

By now, you've heard about the porny interlude that Super Bowl viewers got in Tucson, but it certainly wasn't the first time something like that has happened. Here are a few more situations where viewers got more than they expected. Predictably, a few of them include more porn.

CNN Puts a Huge X Over Dick Cheney's Face
During CNN's broadcast of a speech by the former vice-president, Dick Cheney, an ominous black X repeatedly flashed over his face. Each appearance lasted less than a second, but The Drudge Report caught it and posted the photo. Some claimed that it was a political statement being made by an engineer, while others claimed it was just a mark used to identify specific pieces of a clip. The crazier critics claim it was some kind of subliminal message designed to indoctrinate viewers into a vast conspiracy.
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Handy Manny Replaced With Porn on Disney Channel in New Jersey
The Super Bowl catastrophe wasn't the first time Comcast has had adult material sneak into their normal programming. Everyone watching the Disney Channel at 9:30 AM on March 2nd in Middletown, NJ was greeted with X-rated material instead of the kid-friendly show about a handy man and his talking tools. Children and parents were horrified, while Tyler Durden from Fight Club was extremely pleased.
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The Heidi Bowl
Unlike the others, this flub was actually a conscious decision made by the network. It was 1968 and the Oakland Raiders were taking on the New York Jets in a televised AFL game. The Jets were ahead by three with only 65 seconds left so they cut away to their scheduled programming:  Heidi. In the following minute of the game, the Raiders went on to score 14-points and win. With one decision, NBC angered fans and forever changed the way sports are broadcast.
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New Zealand Station Replaces Rugby With an X-Rated Movie
"Grassroots Rugby" on New Zealand's Prime Television network may not be the Super Bowl, but back in 2008, when viewers were greeted with four minutes of "Desperate Black Wives 2" instead of their normal programming, viewers were very upset. Not only is it obscene, but it's kind of racist, too.
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French Polynesian TV Tech Shares His Taste in Porn with Viewers
When he was supposed to be recording a feed from Paris for late broadcast, one TV tech was watching adult content on another channel. The X-rated stuff ended up on the tape and was broadcast to viewers shortly after a religious program had ended at 2:00 in the afternoon. Reports state that the station only got "dozens" of calls to complain, which isn't terrible when you consider that almost a full minute of hardcore porn went out over the air.
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Family Guy Says the F-Word
Family Guy isn't exactly on the same level as the Disney Channel, but (mostly Canadian) viewers were somewhat surprised when an episode of the show ran with an F-bomb that was completely bleep-free. The clip made its rounds on the Internet in a hurry, just like the Super Bowl porn clip is doing right now. Despite Fox's efforts to keep it removed from video sites, you can still find it if you look.
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