69 Days and Counting . . .

That's right.  69 days until the plug is pulled on analog TV. Have your local stations been making an effort to get viewers ready?

My local NBC affiliate, 11Alive in Atlanta, GA has been doing DTV readiness tests.  They'll do two more this Friday and Saturday.  At 6:58pm Friday night, and again at 9:58am Saturday morning, the station will shut off the analog signal for two minutes. Kinda exciting, if you ask me.

If you're already prepared, you'll see this message:

"You passed the test" and your TV is fine as it is. Now, if you don't get that message, it's time to get busy. If you're using an antenna, you need a converter box. If you have one already, check your wires. Something ain't right.

If you're using cable or satellite and you didn't see the "You passed the test" message, you need to contact your provider and tell them they need to get with the program.  The station will also have an online chat after the tests, so if you have questions, they're ready to help.

What are your local stations doing to get ready? —Leslie Shapiro