40-in OLED in 2011?

Previous rumors about a 37-inch Panasonic OLED have been upgraded with more rumors describing a 40-inch Panasonic OLED. Japan's leading business newspaper, The Nikkei, reports that the 40-incher will be ready to roll by 2011. Matsushita (Panasonic) has not confirmed, or denied, that 40-inch speculation. But the company has stated that OLED is a technology of interest, and that it is setting up OLED production lines at a planned Japanese plant. Panasonic has invested $2.8 billion in the plant set to be running by 2010.

The Nikkei article continues by saying that OLED test production will begin in 2009, with mass production in 2011. This would put Panasonic in competition with Sony, Sharp, Samsung and other major manufacturers to develop huge-screen OLEDs. Sony has sold an 11-inch OLED TV since December 2007, and Samsung showed a 31-inch OLED TV prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

It now appears that major financial commitment is being made toward OLED...

Speaking of deep pockets, certainly fearing Korean and Chinese competition, the Japanese government has declared its support of Sony, Sharp, Matsushita and other Japanese companies in joint development of OLED displays. No word yet from the Korean government.

Large-screen OLED technology is currently more expensive than LCDs and plasma display panels. Smaller OLEDs are more widespread in cell phones and other mobile devices. OLED displays do not require a back light and can use extremely thin panels. OLED displays also use less energy than current technology, and have high video display quality.

Throw out your crappy LED and plasmas. Make room for OLEDs. -Ken C. Pohlmann