3D TV, But Where Are the Goofy Glasses?

Philips is setting some lofty goals. According to them, TV went from black and white to color, and now high def to 3D. Come on, who doesn't love 3D? Theaters full of people trying to look cool while wearing hideously funny-looking 3D glasses. Arms waving around trying to touch images that seem to be floating right off the screen. Well, Philips is bringing it home, without the dorky glasses!

Still a prototype, Philips' product uses technology similar to what you see on a holographic card, with two different angles to add depth. Early reviews, though, report some images are fuzzy around the edges, blurry, or just plain flat 2D-looking.

Some models of these televisions have been rolled out in some theaters and casinos, mainly used to add impact to advertisements.

Not to be outdone, Samsung is developing a similar product. No word if either corporation is working on a smell-o-vision model. -Leslie Shapiro

via International Herald Tribune