3D: No Goofy Glasses Necessary

The latest new trend is hitting Sony's 4K projectors, proving that everything old is new again. 3D, once reserved for the truly campy sci-fi thrillers, is going to be available as an adapter for the SRX-R220 4K projector, maintaining the full height of the image, without the goofy glasses.

The new lens units in the adapters can "display full 2K images for the left and right eye simultaneously and in parallel, from top and bottom" according to Sony.

There are two models of the adapter are the LKRL-A002 (X1.1-1.9) and LKRL-A003 (X1.9-3.3) use an optical and mechanical assembly for each image - left eye and right.

See what else Sony has to say about the system.

"With the addition of the 3D adapter to our digital cinema product line-up, Sony can now offer the best of all worlds to exhibition: stunning 4K imagery from 4K movies, and incredible 3D with no triple-flash artifacts," said Gary Johns, vice president of Sony Electronics' Digital Cinema Systems Division.

When used with Sony's integrated media block (LMT-200), the SRX-R220 4K projector is able to achieve 4:4:4 RGB signal path from media block, while avoiding the "triple-flash" artifacting of current 3D solutions. It can also deliver a 60P 3D display that is especially effective for sports or other fast-moving content in 3D.

The system was developed to give exhibitors the flexibility to switch between showing 4K and 3D content. The 3D adapter attaches onto the lens mount of the projector and is compatible with all Sony 4K projectors currently in the field.  It can be easily removed or re-attached within minutes.

The adapter is designed to work with a maximum screen size of 55 feet (4.5 ftL brightness on 2.3 gain silver screen). Sony will be demonstrating the 3D adapter in a technology suite at ShowEast in Orlando.

The pricing is still not available, though Sony expects to start shipping in March, 2009. -Leslie Shapiro


Photo from RainbowSymphony.com